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Mustang Monthly Sept 2016

"Shelby? Or Not a Shelby?"

Peter Geisler of Orlando Mustang Looks Deep To Determine Originality It's vital to carefully check out the authenticity of any Mustang you are about ...

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Mustang Monthly, August 2009

A quick look at MCA's (Mustang Club of America) 45th Anniversary Celebration in April 2009 with Orlando Mustang participating in this Grand event with over 30,000 people attending...

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Mustang Monthly, August 2009

Peter Geisler, Jr. is photographed installing a concours battery into a recently restored by OM '66 GT 350 during the Mustang Club of America's 45th Anniversary Celebration (aka) the Bash at Birmingham Celebration

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Mustang Monthly, May 2005

"How To: Fit And Adjust Hoods"

Orlando Mustang's Pete and Peter Geisler offer pointers for obtaining the perfect fit.At first glance, vintage Mustang hoods appear fairly simple... text and photos by Donald Farr.

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Mustang Monthly, April 2005

"Green With Envy"

Dr. Frank (a busy dentist) somehow managed to be so lucky to buy this '65 GT fastback in 1998 with only 37,000 original miles on it. A gorgeous Ivy Green Metallic exterior on an Ivy/White PONY interior. Dr. Frank decided his new beauty needed some cleaning and detailing which meant he needed to bring it to Pete and Peter Geisler at ... (See and Read More)

Mustang Monthly March 2003


Ever Wonder What Parts Places Tuck Away In Their Closets? Visit with the Geislers at Orlando Mustang and let's relook at some real interesting NOS "finds" from ...

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Mustang Monthly, September 1995

"How To: Restore A Mustang Distributor"

Orlando Mustang shows you How to put the spark back into your vintage Mustang distributor. By Mark Houlahan with photos by Chuck James.
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Mustang Monthly, January 1995

"How To: Restore Lucas Fog Lights"

Part of the pleasure of owning a Shelby is owning a piece of automotive history from a time when ... For those lucky '68-'70 Shelby owners ...

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Mustang Monthly, October 1992

Orlando Mustang has Rally Pac Conversion Plates. (Read and See More)

Mustang Monthly, September 1991

Shelby Wood Grain Steering Wheels

For those lucky '65-'66 Classic Mustang or Shelby owners ...
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Mustang Monthly, February 1991

Rebuilt FoMoCo and Autolite Distributors

Orlando Mustang Ad for "FoMoCo" and "Autolite" Classic Mustang or Shelby dual point distributors ...(Read and See More)

Mustang Monthly, August 1990

Orlando Mustang's latest reproduction parts for your 1967-1968 coupe, fastback or convertible. (Read and See More)

Mustang Monthly, February 1984

"No More Cavities"

Extremes of battery box rust can extend from minor surface rust on the battery tray to huge, gaping holes under and around the battery. We've even seen ... (Read and See More)

Mustang Monthly, December 1983

"Panning For Gold"

The What-Where-How on replacing rusting floor pans in your classic Mustang. "Most of the tools and equipment cannot be found in the home tool chest. Torches and welders can be rented, but the skills ..." (Read and See More)

Mustang Monthly, June 1983

Don Gessner's 1967 GTA Convertible

GTA. For some strange reason, three letter names sound right on an automobile. Especially if they begin with the letter G, like GSX (Buick) or GTX (Plymouth). Ford's GTA even sounds alot like Pontiac's GTO, except with a ...
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Mustang Monthly, June 1983

Power To The Steering

Power steering was and still is a popular item for 1966 Mustangs. ...you can get it by ...(Read the Article)

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