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Mustang Club of America 45th Anniversary Celebration
(Mustang Monthly August 2009)

MCA 45th Anniversary Celebration, (aka) Bash in Birmingham, 2009
45th MCA Celebration - Over Whelming Celebration.
(Selected excerpts from "Mustang Monthly" Aug. 2009)
"Every five years, the Mustang nation comes together to celebrate another milestone for one of the most storied and longest-lasting nameplates in automotive history. ... Held over the April 16-19 weekend, the date happily coincided with the Mustang's actual 45th birthday on Friday, April 17."

-Orlando Mustang finished the restoration of Sid Roberts' '68 GT500 convertible ... for the 45th concours. The car was completed on Wednesday night before making the haul to Birmingham on Thursday.
(Selected excerpts continued)
"Now comes the anticipation of the Mustang's 50th anniversary in 2014. Whereas the 25th anniversary in Charlotte initiated these traditional five-year events, it and the 30th, 35th, 40th, and 45th shows will likely be overshadowed by the celebration of 50 years of Mustangs-assuming, of course, that Ford and the Mustang hang on during these tough economic times. Throughout the 45th, we heard speculation about the location for the 50th, with some Mustang owners suggesting Dearborn as the ideal spot (but is it too cold in April?) and others hoping for a return to Nashville, home of the 40th anniversary show. MCA officials appear to be hinting at a return to Barber."

-Caught by the cameras: Peter Geisler, Jr from Orlando Mustang switching to his concours battery in a recently restored '66 GT350H.

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