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My Hertz car, 6S819, has been a workhorse since...
Article -Karl Eiselben (Read More here ...)

Classic MotorSports, July 2020

"BEEN THERE, DONE THAT" Life as a rental car in NYC - likely at JFK - may be the least exciting part of this
Shelby's back story. Since then it's been drag....
Story by Tim Studdard; Photography as credited" ... (Read More here ...)


"ARE YOU CRAZY?" 5000 Miles from Seattle to Alaska in a Hertz Car?
...it all started so casually, over a glass of wine....
Story by Karl Eisleben; Photography as credited" ... (Read More here ...)

Mustang Times, July 2019

As the gauge specialist at Orlando Mustang, Mike Williams, recognizes that ......
Article by Donald Farr" ... (Read More here ...)

Mustang Times, June 2015

"Today, you'll find the father-and-son team" at many Mustang Club of America shows, both regional and national, with Pete manning the Orlando Mustang parts display in the swap area and Peter overseeing the detailing and judging of customer cars in concours. Peter was only five years old ....
Article Article and Photors by Donald Farr" ... (Read More here ...)

Mustang Times October 2012

What a Great Place to advertise the work by Orlando Mustang - GOLD from Texas Showing Off at the OK Corral!

(Read more)

FOX Mustang Magazine, Issue #8

"Fox Five-Spoke WHEEL Restoration" as performed by Peter Geisler of Orlando Mustang. Peter Geisler walks you this process so you don't look like a guy wearing bad ratty shoes (your wheels) with a real nice Tuxedo (car that is)!

Article by Peter Geisler & Tom Shaw" ... (Full Story here ...)

Muscle Car Review, Sept 2012

So move over, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso... Outstanding Op-Ed piece by Tom Shaw titled "The Art of the Restorer" comparing lessons in art as a child with lessons learned about art as an adult. Real nice Shelby GT 350 as restored by Orlando Mustang... (Read more)

FOX Mustang Magazine Premier Issue

"REPAINT Or REVIVE" as performed by the crew of Orlando Mustang. FOX Mustang Magazine's #1 or "PREMIER" issue discusses that ages old question and the answer that you want to know!
Article by Tom Shaw, photos by Danielle Pandeline & Tom Shaw" ... (Full Story here ...)

Classic Motor Sports, November 2011

"Wild Horses"
"We Found it. We Bought It. We're NOT Restoring It." Well this one you have to read and see. "Barn find" 1967 Shelby GT350 and the owner wants Orlando Mustang to work on the mechanics for some race out ...

(Read more)

SEMA News July 2010

Featuring the 65 GT Fastback restored by the crew of Orlando Mustang, SEMA News publishes a report on the Restomod trend. Classic Mustangs, Muscle Cars and other Hot Rods are often restored traditionally on the body and look, but also incorporate upgrades in technology improved areas such as comfort, electronics and mechanics.
"Classic Car Parts Make Classic Cars, But Restomod Has Changed..."

(Full Story here ...)

Orlando Sentinel Nov 1983

In The Beginning, ...Article "Dealing in Mustang parts..." reveals the grimey details on how Pete Geisler turned cash into car parts and ...

(See the Article)

Mustang Times April 2003

1965 World Auto Show Preview CarThough the serial number on the left front inner fender (which is original and roll-stamped) indicates the car to be a ..."

(See the Article)

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