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Pickens 1965 Shelby GT350 Beaumont Tx


    The restoration of our 1965 Shelby GT350 had barely been completed prior to its first showing at Mid-America, 2012. It was so fresh that Peter Geisler of Orlando Mustang, who had done a complete restoration of the car, was still tweaking it at the show just prior to judging. This show was primarily exploratory as we needed to see how the judges would view the car. While we had every reason to be optimistic, anyone that presents a car for national judging will tell you that it can be highly subjective. As it turned out, our optimism was well placed as the car was awarded silver in its very first show.
    It has been our pleasure to work with the entire crew at Orlando Mustang. Having had several cars restored in the past, no shop exhibits the pride, conscientiousness, dedication, and pursuit of perfection like Orlando Mustang. -Phil & Linda Pickens (Magnolia, Texas)

J Ferguson 1966 Coupe


    I am please to send some pictures of the family 1966 Mustang. It had been much more fun to drive since the Orlando Mustang rebuilt 3 speed shifter was installed. I am planning on teaching my two daughters to drive the 'old paint', so that the car will be looked after when I can no longer drive. My father bought the car new and I took my driver's test in it some few years later. The Mustang was my father's pride and joy and I am honored to have it in my possession.
    I will be more than happy to deal with Orlando Mustang again, even though I live here in Indianapolis.
Thanks again!"John Ferguson

Ed Dorski GT


    "Many thanks for everything, and I do mean everything in the past couple of months. Coming from a person who for almost 40 years has been in the retail industry, you and your group went way beyond the call of duty in appreciating the customer. That being a rare commodity in today's world deserves praise in itself. Knowing how special the Shelby tradition is in automotive history and now being in a position to own a 1966 Shelby GT350H is something special, and as mentioned before, a dream come true. All the praise I have ever heard pertaining to the Shelby Automotive Family is exemplified by Pete and his staff."Ed Dorski Naples, FL

Trent in Australia

    "Buying specialized Shelby and mustang parts isn't easy from Australia but Orlando Mustang parts made it really easy. Great staff and knowledge and the shipping was affordable and quick. Really appreciated there help, thanks"

Pepe 67 Selby Tribute car


Pete, Peter and the Team,
    Thank you again for the purchase of my 1967 Shelby Tribute car, I cannot even begin to tell you and all of your team how nice it is to buy a first quality built Mustang, the time and details these guys provide and the professionalism is just what any enthusiast is looking for. So if you are chasing your dream machine look no further because these guys have what it takes to make your experience a reality! Pete sr. Runs the show and Peter his son makes the team run smoothly, Peter has all the answers and helps guide you through to give you what you need to make it happen. It sure was nice to meet the other Team members and check out the shop! Orlando Mustang has the feel of a Pop shop on the farm, but do not be fooled these guys are for real. Since I was a young guy I have always had a true love for American Muscle and the pride of being a true American to enjoy the hidden privileges and I'm thankful to live the American dream! So if you are a first timer or already in it I would strongly recommend to not let time slip by and chase your dreams.
            Thank you, Sincerely Steve and Susan Pepe

Fogleman 66 GT 350H


Orlando Mustang,
    Thank you Pete, Peter and the crew at Orlando Mustang for the restoration of my 1966 GT350H #1208. After a couple of failed attempts with other shops, you took my car from a "car in a box" to a show winner at MCA 45th Anniversary in 2009. Being made to feel welcome and involved in the whole process of an Orlando Mustang restoration was just awesome. You paid exceptional attention to every detail from the nuts, bolts, interior, exterior, and all the way to the finished product….Turn Key. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a top-notch professional restoration shop to look no further. Thank you Orlando Mustang from the bottom of my heart……Shawn Fogleman

Fogleman 68GT500KR


Peter Cavallo writes ...
    "Peter Geisler Sr., Peter Geisler Jr., Orlando Mustang have been my mustang suppliers for many years. They assisted me in purchasing several mustangs including my 1968 GT coupe and my recently sold 1968 GT500 KR Shelby. They consistently helped me locate hard to find parts and detailed several of the items on my automobiles as well as undertaking several of the more difficult repair jobs on my vehicles. Peter Sr., a huge help when he assisted in the authentication and purchase of my 1968 GT500 KR Shelby from out of state at a very fair price. He then assisted in locating some of the more difficult missing parts for the car.
    Orlando Mustang also helped me sell several of my vehicles including a 1967 GTA convertible, a 1967 GTA fastback, and a 1968 GT 390 coupe. When the time came recently to sell my 1968 GT500 KR, I knew the only guys to call were Orlando Mustang. As you can imagine the selling of a prized possession is never easy, but it certainly made it easier when the folks doing the selling were as nice and professional as they were.
    They quickly picked up the 1968 GT500 KR Shelby and transported it to their newly built shop and show detailed the car for potential customers. The car was promptly advertised in the national publication, Hemmings Motor News. With my permission they repaired the few details that may have hampered a potential sale. They called and asked permission to bring the car to several shows that they felt would give the vehicle good exposure.
    Orlando Mustang transported the car to and from those shows and provided me with progress reports along the way. Recently the car was sold at the huge Charlotte Auto Fair with Peter Sr. negotiating a deal with the purchaser. My payment was almost immediate and the fee charged was very reasonable. I can wholeheartedly recommend the guys at Orlando Mustang.
    Whether its Peter SR. to sell your "baby" or Peter Jr. to bring that family heirloom or daily driver back to showroom condition. I can be reached at PMustang@GMail.com by anyone who wants to hear of my great experience with Orlando Mustang."

Peter Cvallo 66GT350

Cavallo 66 GT350

Peter Cavallo writes ...
    About two years ago I asked Pete Geisler of Orlando Mustang what he thought of me buying a 66 Shelby GT350.  He said he thought it was an excellent idea!
    So about a year ago I started to get more serious. I said to Pete, "If you found me a 66 GT350in Sapphire Blue with a four speed, all original body panels and not restored. I would be a buyer". He didn't break into laughter as I expected. He said "I know of one nearby".
    I said "See if it's for sale". He placed a call and found out the car might be for sale. A few months later I was in Florida for a holiday and Peter set up the meet. I brought my dad along and we saw the car. It was exactly what I asked for, a very solid 66 GT350 with a four speed, all original panels and light patina. After some chatting with the owner I left Peter to close the deal. A day later it was done. Money was wired and Peter picked up the car.
    As I live in England where labor can be expensive and finding a good place to do the work difficult I instructed Pete and his team to go through the car and get it road ready, change any consumables, fix leaks, replace the cracked dash and install a T5 five speed. They drew up a list and got to work. Issues found with the five speed conversion were sorted out by Orlando Mustang (why does nothing ever fit?) and every item on the list was sorted. 65 Shelby wheels and side exhausts, Check! New dash pad, check! Rebuilt correct radiator and install, check! You get the idea.
    Okay. Fast forward a few more months. The car arrived at my house Thursday night about 9pm. So how do I test this car? I take it on a 300 mile round trip on the Friday and Saturday. How did it perform One word, FLAWLESS! Not a hiccup, leak or stall. Ran cool at 70 mph.
    I could not be happier and if you choose to use Orlando Mustang for your next Shelby or Mustang hunt, be prepared to be impressed!
    Cheers. Peter Cavallo, Essex England.


Don Van Weezel

Don Van Weezel Thank You Card
K Lewis 1966 GT350


To Pete, Peter and the whole team at Orlando Mustang,

    A huge thank you for an incredible job on a perfect historical restoration of Shelby GT 350 Carryover #6S208 one of 252 ever produced.

    The payoff came at the Mustang Club of America in September 2007 where we were judged at the Grand National and received 695 of 700 points in the Concours Trailer Standard. At it's very first outing we hit gold.

    It was a pleasure and honor to have you do this historical restoration for us and we sure hope we can do another one soon.

    I remember sitting in these when they were brand new at my local dealer, Now sitting in this restored Shelby sure made me feel 16 again, if only for a few minutes. Shelby made it but you made it brand new and better all over again. Your passion and skills for the Shelby are unequaled anywhere.

God Bless you all
Best of wishes
Ken Lewis

Quang Le 1966


Dear Pete and Peter:

    I can't describe to you my pleasant surprise when Peter delivered the 66 Shelby GT350 Carryover #208 to me. I have always heard of the high quality of work that Orlando Mustang does but was unprepared to see the tremendous level of detailed work and dedication that went into the restoration of this car. The quality of the restoration is second to none and I have owned some very high end Shelby's and other collectible cars. The documentation was top notch, the communication was excellent, and thank you for the garage full of spare and original parts that ended up at my door!

    The excitement and care that you and Peter exude regarding the transformation of this car is truly indicative of your personal passions for your business and the collector car hobby.

    Thanks again for your dedication and professionalism,

  Best regards,

  Quang Le

Lagostini 1966 red


Dear Pete, Dear Danielle,
    Just a short email to thank you again for the way you managed the Sale and shipment of my Mustang Coupé.
Everything is fine : I received it without any damage, all parts were in the trunk, and I already drove it this week end during 500 miles without any problem ; we did a nice trip with some friends and my family.
    I really appreciated your professionalism, your availabilities, and all the support you gave me to buy, to repair and finally to ship my car here in France.
    For sure I will provide your contact details to some of my friends who probably would love to drive a nice car as mine.
    Again thank you and see you soon (hopefully I would have the chance to come in Florida soon, if so, I will come to meet you).

Morris 1967

"It's Not a Shelby, but it was Mom's"

     In 1970, my mother purchased an Acapulco blue 1967 Mustang coupe with a 289 cubic inch engine and factory air. In 1975, she gave the car to me to drive in high school. When I went off to college, the car was placed in storage for approximately twenty years. In 1997, I brought the car to Orlando to begin a complete restoration. After approximately 8 years the car was completely disassembled and painted but needed the time and attention of true conscious professionals. At that time, I turned to Peter and Pete Geisler with Orlando Mustang.

    Orlando Mustang timely completed the restoration performing meticulous work. They repaired leaking cowls, added front disc brakes, power steering, dual exhaust and a GT dress up kit. Their attention to detail was amazing and produced what I like to call “a brand new 47 year old car.” The Geislers continue to perform regular maintenance on the vehicle and, I do not trust anyone else to touch the car.

    Not only are they the restorers of my Mustang, I consider them to be good friends. I highly recommend their services and could not be happier with their work-product. I have shown the car on numerous occasions and consistently received Gold, Best in Class and Best of Show awards.

  Clay Morris, Orlando, Florida

Shelby Grosz,Jr and 67 Shelby

ShelbyJr and green 67 Shelby

Charley and Elli 69GT


Dear Pete,
    We want to thank you and Orlando Mustang for the incredibly fast and seamless process of selling our Shelby. When I found your name on the SAAC website, I hoped only that you might be able to point us in the right direction. Instead, we were delighted to find that you and your team could handle the entire process from advertising to final transfer. You not only achieved a sale in no time at all, but exceeded our expectations.
    We are grateful to you and your team for the quick, professional, and highly successful completion of the sale.
    Thank you so much.Charley and Elli

Emerald City Mustang Club

Emerald City Mustang Club

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